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The layout of computer stations to lighting is TERRIBLE! I cannot see the keyboard. I can adjust the screen, but not the keyboard. Nice try. Please do over (or use a designer next time.)

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with our computer area. We do have a few ideas in the works to improve this area, and will be looking to implement them to our computer layout in the future.

We will also have to research the costs and consider hiring an interior designer and/or architect to help us make our public areas more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Please let a librarian at one of our Info Desks know that you are having viewing issues, and we will do we can to accommodate your request.

Get more signs showing where the library is located on surrounding streets like Grand Ave/Mannheim Rd in north, south, east and west directions.

We realize that this is a problem, and we want everyone to able to find the Library easily!

We are looking into getting more directional signs posted on the nearby streets to make it easier for people to find the Library. We are also inquiring into getting a digital sign in front of the Library out on Grand Ave.

More classes on cooking and making homemade creams and lotions!

We're happy to hear that you enjoy our crafting programs. These are some of most popular type of programs, and we will continue to offer them throughout the year.

We will pass on your suggestion to our adult programming coordinator.

You should have Franklin Park Library tours for beginners.

We like this idea. In past years, we offered library tours during National Library Week.

While we do not have regular formal tours, you can always ask at one of our Information Desks for a tour around the building and to see the highlights of our collections. We can also guide you around our Digital Library, and help you explore those collections as well.

What about a phone booth for cell phone users? This is especially needed where the weather is bad and when someone wants to be seated.

We will pass your suggestion on to library administration.

We realize that the size of our lobby can be limiting and make it difficult to use your cell phone quietly. You can use your cell phone in the library as long as you respect others and moderate your volume.

Thanks. Please continue the reading contests. I have won and enjoy the benefits. I am finally writing a book myself online. This is great.

We plan on continuing our popular winter and summer reading programs, and we are glad to hear that you enjoy them.

Look for more info on the upcoming Winter Reading Program for January 2014 in our January/February 2014 newsletter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your activities were posted outside on the street for more people to see them?

We agree that it would be great to have our programs posted in a more visible location aside from signs in our lobby.

We are pursuing outdoor signage options, including digital signage, which would certainly help spread the word of our events to all who pass by the Library.

Seriously! Are you going to leave that white construction area there. That is embarrassing to our beautiful library. Finish it please.

By chance are you referring to the two white chains and posts near the Circulation Desk? These are set up to designate the start of the line for Circulation and offer a bit of crowd control during busy times.

We will consider an alternative method for crowd control and possibly getting a more formal looking set.

Bring back the animal and magic shows for the kids. I miss them.

We offered a few animal shows for kids during summer 2013, and hope you were able to attend them.

We will take your suggestion in mind for future kids’ programming.

Be on the lookout for new and exciting programs throughout the year and into 2014 and beyond!


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