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Alexander Robinson

Alexander RobinsonAlexander Robinson was born to a Native American mother and Scottish father in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Robinson was instrumental in negotiating the 1812 Treaty of St. Louis and the 1829 Treaty of Prairie du Chien. For his services, he was given a tract of land along the Des Plaines River from roughly Cumberland Ave. to Ruby St. and from roughly Addison St. to Higgins Road. His last days were spent on his reserve east of River Road and north of Lawrence Ave. He died there and is buried in a family plot north of Lawrence Ave. along East River Road. Francis Ragor was Robinson's daughter.

When the Schiller Park Historical Society discovered that some of Chief Alexander Robinson's descendents were still alive, they organized a reunion of both local and out-of-state descendents on Saturday, July 10, 2004. Robinson's descendents gathered for lunch, then went to the Robinson gravesite to view the monument and pay their respects. After this, they went to the Schiller Park Library and met with community members. Displays were set up, (see Indian dress and male outfit) and members of the Robinson family spoke to the audience.

Chief Alexander Robinson was granted land by the Federal Government, which now comprises a good portion of Schiller Park and a smaller portion of Franklin Park. He married twice. His first marriage was to a woman named Cynthia Sahsos.

Robinson's second marriage was to a Native American woman, Cateche (Catharine) Chevalier. Twelve to fourteen children were born from this marriage. Judith Wing is descended from this line, and is the great-granddaughter of Alexander Robinson.

Mrs. Wing has provided the Local History Department with a wealth of biographical and genealogical information on Alexander Robinson and some of his descendants. The original genealogical chart and biographical materials are available for viewing in the Library's Local History Room. Contact Karen Gurski at 847-455-6016, ext. 234 or kgurski@fppld.org to set up an appointment to view materials.

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