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B-12 Park

The B-12 Park was created on a piece of land running along the Milwaukee Railroad tracks between Calwagner Ave. and Ruby St. (behind Franklin Ave.) The B-12 Tower moved from a site near the intersection of the Milwaukee Railroad tracks and the Soo-Line Railroad tracks, east of its current location. Later, the caboose that was located near the Public Works building was relocated in the B-12 Park.

Light fixtures that originally lined Franklin Ave. have been located within the park as well. A small wall contains rocks that comprised the foundation of Dora Marten's home (which has been torn down). This home later served as office space for the Village. Bricks engraved with family names are placed in memory or honor of families residing in Franklin Park in a walk near the B-12 Tower. The park has been beautifully landscaped with flowers, trees, bushes and a grassy picnic area. A clock tower has also been added. This wonderful park is in full view of the passenger trains that traverse our town each day.

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