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Glass Plate Negative Photographs

Fifty-one glass plate negatives were found in the 1950s beneath the front porch of Ann Walden’s home at 3336 Calwagner Ave. She realized the importance of preserving them, and donated them to Hammill Photography Studios. Rodger Hammill made prints of the glass plate negatives, and shared the prints with our Local History Department.

These glass negatives date back to the late 1800s, and many are of homes and families of that era. We have placed a few images here for your enjoyment. Visit our Flickr page for more. If you have additional information about the people and places in these photographs, contact Karen Gurski at 847-455-6016, ext. 234 or kgurski@fppld.org

Railroad Workers

A group of railroad workers standing at a location that we assume to be the Milwaukee Railroad tracks.

Mannheim Church

This photograph may be one of the early "Mannheim Church" pictures. The church was rebuilt after a fire (on the same site), until it was torn down to make way for Mannheim Road and later rebuilt at 3342 Calwagner.

Horse and Buggy

We are not certain, but suspect that this might be a photograph taken in front of the Henry Kirchhoff home (10067 Franklin). We believe Dr. Dodge might be one of the gentlemen in the buggy. If you are able to confirm this or correct it, we would appreciate your input.

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