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Edgington Franklin

The Franklins
Born in 1878, Edgington Franklin was the first of five children born to Lesser and Sarah Franklin. Edgington's sister Dora was born in 1876, sister Pearl was born in 1880, sister Rose was born in 1883 and brother Gustave was born in 1884. Edginton married Marcia Towle in 1917 or 1918 who died around 1940. At an uncertain later date, Edgington married Ruth Saladin. They moved to Easton, Maryland around 1950 where they lived the remainder of their lives. Edgington's ashes were scattered at the "400 Farm" (The nickname of their farm in Easton, Maryland, because it was approximately 400 acres). Edgington was quite successful in real estate and helped his father (Lesser) a great deal after the crash of 1893.

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