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John Debus owned and operated a hardware store on Franklin Ave. He began its operation in 1910, and later moved it across the street to 9654 Franklin Ave. It continued to serve the community as Aggressive Hardware through 1998.

We can trace Petersen's Ovens inception to 1879, when the founder, Captain Eduard A. C. Petersen, came to New York. He died in 1905. In 1908, the firm was incorporated when Mrs. Petersen became president. In 1916, the Franklin Park plant was built.

Rupp's Buffet was located at 9660 Franklin Ave. It was one of the early businesses in Franklin Park. We know it was in existence as early as 1910. By 1924, they were no longer listed in the telephone directory. (In the 1910 & 1913 directories, Rupp's Buffet was listed as a "saloon").

Zunker Blacksmith Shop was located at 3527 Mannheim Road (near Pacific Ave.), before the bridge was built. The building later became a residence. In the 1913 telephone directory, Zunker's is listed as a saloon. Later, in 1929, Zunker's is listed as a carpenter. In this photograph, the building shows that the business includes a "Horse Shoer" and "General Repairing".

Fritz Pfundt's Liquor and General Merchandise Store was built in the early 1900s. (The photograph of the building is dated 1914) It was located at Cleveland Ave. and Pacific Ave. The phone number was FP 7.

The Puglia building contained the Premier Sweet Shop, which opened around 1912. Owners Anton and Charles Puglia maintained the business for over 30 years. It was located at 9573 Franklin Ave. The Puglia building still stands on the southeast corner of Franklin Ave. and Rose St. Note the dome that adorns the corner of the building above the entrance. In later years it began to crumble, and was removed.

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