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In the 1920s, Franklin Parkers enjoyed picnics and music at the Garden Deluxe. It was located on Chestnut St. and the Soo Line Railroad tracks. Its address was 2900 Commerce St., and phone number was FP 184.

The Orchard Bungalow was a very popular restaurant and gift shop in Franklin Park back in the 1920s. It remained in business until 1966, and was located at 10353 Franklin Ave.

Thompson Steel's address is 9470 King St. They began operations in Franklin Park in Jan. 1923, under the name Thompson Steel and Wire. The buildings have been razed and the property purchased by Leyden High School Dist. 212 for a parking lot, 3 softball fields, and 2 soccer fields.

Walker Grocery & Market existed at 9615 Franklin Ave. as early as 1924. Our records indicate they were still in business through 1928, however, we have a gap between 1928 and 1948. In 1948, Walker Grocery & Market was no longer listed in the telephone directory.

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