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The photograph of the Franklin Park Bank, 9700 Franklin Ave. is the same building where Farver Drug Store stood (beginning in 1934) for twenty years. Here you see a photograph of the interior of the building. In 1941 a fire swept the rear portion of the store. It was completely remodeled and included modern fixtures, modern fountain and a beauty bar.

This building housed 3 storefronts. Located at 9704 Franklin Ave. was the second home of Sax Tiedemann Funeral Home. Their first address was 9719 Franklin Ave. This first location was established in 1924. In 1937, Sax Tiedemann again relocated to their current address, 9568 Belmont. The Royal Blue Store was operated by Nick and Elsie Ricci. This store was directly west of Sax Tiedemann, at 9706 Franklin Ave. We know the Royal Blue Store was in operation as early as 1931, but our records do not indicate when they originally opened or when they ceased operation.

In the above photograph, the storefronts for Sax Tiedemann Funeral Home and the Royal Blue Store were shown. These two photographs show the second location and current location for of Sax Tiedmannn Funeral Home. At the time when Sax Tiedemann was begun, it was a combination funeral home and furniture store. In those days, it was customary to combine the two businesses as one.

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