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Dean Foods was established in 1951, and is located at 3600 River Road. Its corporate headquarters was in Franklin Park until 2001 after which this location became the regional headquarters for Dean Foods.

Do you remember the original Jewel Food store, located at 9755 Grand Ave.? It opened 2/12/1953, and closed 12/6/1969. Villa Brunetti Banquets now occupies the building where this Jewel Food store was located. On 12/7/1969, Jewel moved to 10135 Grand (where the Ace Hardware is now located), and that location closed on 5/19/1975. Jewel's current location, at 10203 Grand, opened 5/20/1975.


Paraplegic Manufacturing was located at 10068 Franklin Ave. They manufactured electronic and mechanical assemblies. Paraplegic Manufacturing began operations in Franklin Park in 1951 and stayed here for approximately 10 years. They later moved to Bensenville, where they built a plant in 1961.


Motorola, world-renowned maker of electronic equipment, was located at 9401 Grand Ave. in the 1950s.

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