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Diamond Jubilee

Franklin Park celebrated its 75th birthday with a Diamond Jubilee celebration from August 3 - 9, 1967. Commuters were met at the train station with a brass band & lemonade. This was just as Lesser Franklin and his sales team did circa 1892, except commuters then were met with a brass band, lemonade and beer; later they were served a meal at the Pavilion. Men were encouraged to grow a beard, mustache or sideburns. "Shaver's Permits" were issued for those who didn't care to!

Some of the celebration specific items included a 75th Birthday Cake, a Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Plate, Diamond Jubilee Certificates. The business side of the Diamond Jubilee included special letterhead for the event and a tally of expenses by division. The song, "A Diamond Jubilee," was composed specifically for the celebration. A Time Capsule was assembled and buried (See photograph of the burying of the time capsule).

Major festivities included a carnival, a Celebration Ball with the crowning of a Jubilee Queen, a Commerce and Industry Day with tours of Industries and Water Works, Old Fashioned Bargain Day Sidewalk Sales, a Kangaroo Court, and a Teen Dance. Art exhibits, a Handicraft show, dance exhibits, novelty contests and novelty races took place. (See newspaper story and picture of "best old-fashioned costume"). There were feasts such as a Family Supper Nite, Working Gal's Breakfast, Ladies Luncheon, Business Men's Luncheon. An Interfaith Vesper Service was held. See images of the Worship Booklet.

Two parades were staged, including one for children and one for all ages. See a map of the parade route or more parade images. The Giant Spectacular, "FP 75" (a historical pageant), was staged Aug. 5th through Aug. 9th. A fireworks display followed the pageant each night (See images of the "FP 75" booklet).

View various images from the Diamond Jubilee. Copies of the Diamond Jubilee book are available for you to view and check out.

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