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Methodist Episcopal Church

The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1892. Early church services were held in the Franklin Park Pavilion, John Marten's store, and the Brick School. In 1897, a 24’ X 36’, 100-seat frame church was built and dedicated. It was the first church in Franklin Park. The total cost of the lot and building was $1200.00. It was dedicated debt-free.

The first worship service was held at the Franklin Park Pavilion. For the next three years, the church held services in a newly furnished hall over John Marten’s store. After a fire destroyed the hall, the church met at the Brick School Building and a rented hall near the corner of Franklin Avenue and Calwagner Avenue.

A small frame building (24’ X 36’) was erected near the corner of Gage Street and Calwagner Avenue. The building has a seating capacity of 100. In August 1897, it was dedicated, free of debt. As the congregation continued to grow the need for a larger facility became apparent. In 1911, a plot of land next to the original church was purchased and construction began. $8,800 was needed to complete construction. It was raised with relative ease.

For 2 years both church buildings stood next to each other. The original church was sold to the Schiller Park Methodist Church and moved to that village. Several years later a new parsonage was built on the site of the original church.

In 1949, the need for larger Sunday School quarters became acute. An abandoned school building in the O’Hare Airport area was purchased, moved and annexed to the church.

On April; 25, 1954 ground was broken for the first unit of the new church, on Schiller Blvd. The unit, known as the “Fellowship Hall” was built for $130,000.00 and became the Sanctuary and Sunday School until 1963. On June 10, 1962, ground was broken for the new sanctuary. On November 19, 1963 the cornerstone was laid and the Sanctuary was consecrated on March 21, 1963.

After the congregation outgrew the Brick building (shown here) and moved to the new location on Schiller Blvd., St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church moved into it. When St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church dissolved, Espirito Santo Episcopal Church moved into the building. Due to deteriorating conditions, the Village of Franklin Park bought the building and the property. It was demolished in November of 2004.

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