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Railroad History of Franklin Park

Mannheim Station

Henry Kirchhoff allowed the railroad passage through his land, so long as there would always remain a railroad station to serve the people residing in the community near Mannheim road.

Early Milwaukee RR Station

This is an early railroad station, c1900, along the Milwaukee Railroad. It was located near where the existing station stands, however, it stood on the south side of the railroad tracks.

Old Milwaukee RR Station

This is the Milwaukee Railroad station that immediately pre-dates the existing station.

Railroad House

There is little information available on this picture, but we believe that this building was used as overnight lodging for railroad workers at a turnaround point on the railroad.

Caboose #990075

Caboose #990075, given to the Village of Franklin Park in October 1975. Now displayed at Tower Park.

B-12 Tower

The B-12 Tower originally stood at the southwest corner of the intersection of the Soo Line and the Milwaukee Railroad Line.

B-12 Tower Interior

The interior of the B-12 Tower. The B-12 Tower controlled the trains coming onto the Milwaukee Road tracks from the Harbor tracks. The levers you see in the front center to front right corner of the photograph pulled to allow and prevent trains from entering the Milwaukee Road tracks.

Box cars

These boxcars have been loaded and are being transported on the Milwaukee Railroad, which passes through Franklin Park.

Soo Line

Pictured are the Soo Line tracks crossing over Grand Ave. The view is looking north. The photograph was taken in the early 1940's.

The Railroad Terminal

This is an aerial view of the railroad terminal, located at 10800 Franklin Ave. Notice the railyards in the upper right-hand corner of the photograph.

Steam Engine

As you can see, this is an early steam engine which ran through Mannheim, IL (the area where Mannheim Road is located). Mannheim later became part of Franklin Park.

Union Pacific Railroad

A photograph showing a Union Pacific Railroad train stopping in Franklin Park. It appears that one of Franklin Park's finest is looking for something, down the tracks, or perhaps beneath the train.

Union Pacific Railroad Engine #104

Union Pacific Railroad Engine #104 is pulling into Franklin Park. Note the differences between the engine shown and the engines which serve the railroads today.

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