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Filing for Election to the Office of Trustee

Petition packets for the office of Trustee, Franklin Park Public Library District, Cook County, Illinois are available now through Friday, December 21, 2012, at the Library, 10311 Grand Avenue, Franklin Park, Illinois, 60131, during regular library hours. Ask for your packet at the Reference Desk.

There will be four (4) offices of Library Trustee on the ballot of the Consolidated Election of April 9, 2013:

  • 2-year term ending 4/2015
  • 2-year term ending 4/2015
  • 6-year term ending 4/2019
  • 6-year term ending 4/2019

The filing period is extended, and now runs December 17 – 26, 2012. Petitions require 50 signatures and are to be filed at the Library Business Office on weekdays during regular business hours:

Monday – Friday December 17 – December 21 9AM - 4PM
Saturday December 22 CLOSED
Sunday December 23 CLOSED
Monday December 24 CLOSED
Tuesday December 25 CLOSED
Wednesday December 26 9AM – 5PM

Candidates and petition signers must be registered voters and residents of the Franklin Park Public Library District.

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