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Local History Collection Description

Local History Collection
The Local History collection is comprised of print and nonprint materials relating to the history of Franklin Park and the surrounding area. The public has access to these materials in the Local History Room. This collection is governed by The Local History Collection Policy.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Local History Collection is to collect, preserve, organize, and make available to the public, materials relating to the history and development of the Village of Franklin Park and the surrounding area. The Local History Collection is the official repository of the proceedings of the Village Board and maintains a record of the Board’s minutes, and copies of all Village ordinances and regulations, in compliance with Resolution 7980 R22, adopted by the Franklin Park Village Board of Trustees on August 13, 1979. In addition to records provided by the Village of Franklin Park, the Collection houses historical documents relating to the Franklin Park Woman’s Club, which helped establish the Library in 1899.

The goal of the Collection is to maintain the materials in trust for future generations; therefore, they can be examined in the Local History Room only.

Scope of the Collection
The Local History Collection is comprised of print and non-print materials, including, but not limited to biographies and other information on the early settlers of the area, oral histories, video recordings, DVDs, movies, artifacts, historical and contemporary photographs and maps, yearbooks from the local school districts, and bound issues, and in some cases, microfilm records, of local newspapers. Materials in the collection do not circulate due to either rarity or special local value.

The general policy of the Local History Collection will conform to the Collection Development Policy of the Franklin Park Public Library District.

Selection Criteria
Consideration for inclusion in the Collection will be based on the overall merit of the material and in its overall usefulness in understanding Franklin Park History. Local authors must demonstrate a strong tie to Franklin Park to be included in the Collection. Self-published books by local authors are generally not included.

Limitations of the Collection
The Local History Collection will not collect such items as are beyond its ability to store and/or such items as the designated staff person my deem unsuitable for a local history collection.

Donations and Gifts
The Local History Collection shall accept such donations of material as are acceptable within the preceding policies. These donations shall be treated as library materials when accepted and shall not be altered at any future date by the donor. A Statement of Gift shall be completed by the donor, which will describe the item(s) donated. A copy of the form is appended to this Policy.

Weeding Materials
The Franklin Park Public Library District and the Local History Department reserve the right to re-evaluate items in the Local History Department with the purpose of determining the retention of said items in the Collection. The following factors are used in the decision to withdraw Local History materials: the value of the materials to the collection, limitations of space in the Local History Department, and the physical condition of the materials.

The Franklin Park Public Library District shall be acknowledged as the source of such information, photographs, etc., as may be used in any form of publication, whether in print or electronic.

It is the responsibility of researchers to determine the owner of copyright on any material that they may use. For those materials which the library owns the copyright, permission must be obtained and credit listed before materials may be published by a third party.

Policy Review
The final authority regarding the Local History Collection rests with the Franklin Park Library District Board of Trustees. This policy is subject to review by the Library Director and the Board of Trustees, who must approve the policy.

Adopted 5/22/85 Rev. 4/9/96, 6/5/07, 7/8/14

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