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New Books for Science Fair and Beyond

Earlier this year, the Franklin Park Library received an Illinois State Library Back-to-Books grant to purchase books in seven different areas of life and physical sciences. Our children's collection is now benefiting greatly from these updated resources. These books are perfect for middle school children working on their science fair projects as well as anyone looking to learn more about how fun science can be.

Our new books cover a wide range of science topics. If your child is just beginning the science fair project process, you'll want to seek out titles that will help your child discover interesting and exciting science fair projects. Try Science Experiments with Food, Step-by-step Science Experiments in Earth Science or Life Science Fair Projects for starters; we have plenty more to choose from! Other books will support the project topic your child selected such as Analyze This: Testing Materials. Some books are educational as well as fun such as Why Do Ice Cubes Float?, How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients: [an electrifying guide to the elements] and Dinosaurology.

Come by Kids Crossing to view our science fair display right near the entrance. Ask at any Info Desk for help locating our newest science titles and more on these topics in our Juvenile non-fiction collection.

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