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The Truth About Truman School by Dori Hillestad Butler

Reviewed by Deanna P., 6th grader at Mannheim Middle School

I don't think I have ever felt so bad for a character in a book before. This is by far the best realistic fiction book I have ever read in my life. The book, The Truth About Truman School, is a book about middle school students Amr, Zebby, Lilly, Hayley, Trevor, and Brianna. Hayley and Brianna are the bullies to Lilly in this story. This book was as powerful as lightning.

Amr and Zebby make a Truth About Truman website. They set up this website so that anybody could post anything that was on their mind about Truman middle school. But, it gets a little out of control when a user by the name of milkandhoney starts posting untrue things about Lilly Clarke.

Milkandhoney starts posting things like "Who is the biggest poser at our school?" And "Lilly's Lesbian Diary". Now, Lilly was in the "popular" group until her "popular" friends saw the things about Lilly being lesbian and started believing it. So they kick her out of their group and now she has no other friends. Her boyfriend even broke up with her because he saw the untrue things about her on the website and also started believing it.

Lilly doesn't go to school because she doesn't want to deal with the bullying so she fakes being sick for about two to three days. But on the third day her mom gets kind of suspicious and makes her go to school. But Lilly thinks "Okay, she says I have to go to school, she never said I had to stay in school.” So her mom drops her off and as soon as her mom drives away from the school Lilly runs away. Lilly didn't come home from school that day so her mom started to get worried and called all of her what so called friends and they all say they don't know where she is and that they have no idea why Lilly stopped hanging out with them. Until Zebby, blurts it all out about the website and people posting untrue things. Once Lilly's mom gets off the phone with Zebby, she calls the police. This made me wonder if she was going to come home before the police came. There were four police cars in front of Lilly's house that night.

This book is a very suspenseful book. There are so many parts in this story that gets your heart beating. Once I started reading this book I didn't want to put it down. This book made me feel like I was actually there watching the whole thing and I'm pretty sure it will do the exact same thing to you.

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