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Drive-By by Lynne Ewing

Reviewed by Diego R., 6th grader at Mannheim Middle School.

BAM, BAM!!! Just imagine that seeing your brother getting gun down by a group of gangbangers. Ask yourself what did he do to deserve this, he couldn't have been a gangbanger or could he? This is one of the problems Tito has to face in this action-packed book called Drive By.

The main character is Tito. Tito has been through a lot of thing first his brother was killed by some gangbangers not so much later after Jimmy's funeral Tito got to his house from school and then bam there started a drive by shooting but just in time Gus saved Tito.

Then Tito had to move to Miss Washington's house. One night he heard something in the backyard so he went it was his friend gus he told him if they wanted to hang out. Tito said he would hang out if he didn't have to join a gang. Then they went but when he got there gus was with some gangbangers. So they said that they killed him because he was skimming through their drug money but it was so he could help his mom maintain the family. But still if is it not payed back Tito will pay with his life.

I felt sad when Jimmy died because he is as nice as a new born baby. I think he shouldn't have died. I think its a little harsh to waste a life for some money.plus Jimmy still had a family to maintain. It was also sad how everyone was crying for Jimmy to come back. if I lost my brother I would always have something missing in my heart.

It was also suspenseful because so many times he almost gets caught by a group of gangbangers wouldn't it be scary and suspenseful if you almost got caught by a group of gangbangers. also he has to pay the drug money Jimmy stole or else...I think that was a pretty suspenseful part.

I recommend this book to people who like action and suspense because it is packed with both of them.There is a combination of both of them. They are action and suspense parts all around the book. That is why I recommend this book to all action and suspense lovers everywhere.

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