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Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

I actually HEARD this book rather than reading it (don't get me started on how many audiobooks I have (but it's over 300)).

I am a regular "reader" of audiobooks, and my take is that it can actually enhance the reading experience, because you must go only as fast as your narrator is speaking (which gives the mind more time to savor the text (a book that is 16 hours in narration I can generally read in three hours flat - and sometimes it's hard to catch all the nuances that way)).

But on to the Crystal Gardens. As most of the readers of Amanda Quick may already know, she mostly writes Psi-Romance with enough Suspense to make it interesting. If you are following the way she interweaves her stories between her other pen names you will know that Amanda Quick is Historical; Jayne Ann Krenz is Contemporary; and Jayne Castle is Futuristic Psi/Romance-Suspense.

In this book, our heroine wakes in the night only to crawl out a window with a killer in pusuit -- running straight to Crystal Gardens in hope of sanctuary, which she gets. The (new) owner of the Gardens is trying to cope with the plants his uncle let get WAY out of hand -- think Audry in Little Shop of Horrors out of hand -- but he's never too busy to help out a Psi-Gifted female in distress, particularly since he is A) Psi-Gifted himself, and B) intrigued by her since he first laid eyes on her. A VERY entertaining time is had by everyone but the bad guy(s).

Submitted by: Susan L. Rock

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