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Public Secrets by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is one of my favorite Authors. Her books are rich with likeable characters and stories with twists and turns. In Public Secrets, Emma McAvoy and her famous rock star father, Brian McAvoy, are the main characters. This story spans 23 years, from the British invasion of music to the American 1990s. In 1967, Brian McAvoy is a young man. He comes to fame and fortune with his new pregnant wife and his three old daughter, Emma. Brian is the lead singer of Devastation and they've taken the world by storm.

Brian, the son of Irish peasants, now has fame and the money that goes with it. However, that doesn’t stop tragedy from striking. Brian’s 2 years old son, Darren, is murdered during a bungled attempt at kidnapping. Why? Who would hurt little Darren? The whole world is in love with little Darren. Will they ever find out? Who will have to hurt, lose and come back to make life livable? This story is an example of how life is so strange; how what we do when we are young affects our dreams, futures, and life; and how one incident can your life change everything.

Submitted by: Teresa Seed

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