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Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Another winner by Nora Roberts. I enjoy her romance novels, especially when there is suspense, murder, and intrigue. She weaves her story around the wildlife refuge that is owned and operated by Lil. As a young girl, she built a relationship with the grandson of the neighbors. Coop was sent to spend the summer with his grandparents while his parents attempt to rekindle their marriage. By the time Lil was leaving for college, she and Coop fell in love; but because she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Coop did not want to follow his father in studying the law. He left college, joined the NY police force. Lil tried to forget her love for Coop, after all, he broke her heart.

Or did he? There is a former volunteer who worked at the refuge Lil operated, who believed he was a descendant of Crazy Horse. He believed Lil was dishonoring the Sioux by keeping tigers, cougars, and other such animals locked up. If you enjoy a book which begins with a tentative friendship that turns into love, and then intertwine it with murder and intrigue this is a must read.

Submitted by: Karen Weichbrodt

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