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Large print books, magnifying machines, talking-books, and more to increase your ease of access to our materials.


Use our computers to finish your homework, polish your resume, print out documents, play games, and more!

Copy and Fax

Details on our copy machines and fax service.

Digital Media Lab

Creatively express yourself through technology with our Digital Media Lab (DML).


If you have trouble leaving the house due to a permanent or persistent disabling condition, we'll bring the library to you.

Mobile Resources

Different apps and more for enhancing your library experience.

Museum Passes

Offers vary from free to discounted admission to gift shop discounts.

Wireless Internet

Connect to our Wi-Fi for free!

Wireless Printing

Print to our printers from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, home computer, etc.

Your Library Account

Info on accessing and managing your library account.

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