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Commands for Text Message Notices

Basic Commands

  • To stop receiving messages, send a text to linc@shoutbomb.com & type QUIT in the body of the message.
  • To add additional library cards to your account, type ADDCARD in the body of the message and then follow the prompts.
  • To remove a card, type DROPCARD.
  • To have your last received message resent, type RESEND.
  • HL: Get a list of holds that are ready for pick up
  • OL: Get a list of overdue items
  • RL: Get a list of items you can renew
  • RA: Renew all eligible items

Advanced Commands

English Phrase: Frase en Español: Description/Descripción:
QUIT SALIR Cancels Shoutbomb service
FEES TASAS Fee Notification Opt In/Out
RENEW RENOVAR Renew Notification Opt In/Out
OVERDUE ATRASADO Overdue Notification Opt In/Out
HOLDS MANTENER Hold Notification Opt In/Out
RESEND REENVIAR Resend the last message
TEST PRUEBA Tests the connection
SIGNUP REGISTRESE User registration
OI OI List of overdue items not eligible for renewal
HL HL List of Items on Hold
RI RI List of items not eligible for renewal
ISBN ISBN Catalog Search by ISBN
RA RA Renew All Items
RL RL Renew By List
ZIP ZIP Add zipcode
ADDCARD ADDCARD Add a new card
RW RW Number of items not eligible for renewal
HELP AYUDA Help Request
OW OW Number of overdue items not eligible for renewal
OA OA Renew All Overdue Items
OL OL Renew Overdue Items by List
NOTICES AVISOS Current status of all opt in/out services
IOWEU TEDEBO Total of fines/fees for each library card

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